Where to buy logs

Local garden centres and firewood supplier

If you look around, you will almost certainly come across logs for sale in a variety of places, from garden centres and supermarkets to specialist log suppliers and people simply offering bags of wood for sale along the side of a road.

The quality of the wood can vary considerably so, if you can, take time to look and pick up the logs before you buy. You will want to see logs that are well seasoned, meaning they will have a very low water content.

Seasoned logs are pale and dull in appearance with plenty of cracks. The bark should peel off easily and you should hear a bright ‘clack’ sound when banging logs together.

The ability to check the quality of your firewood in person is probably the biggest advantage of buying locally, in person. However, you may not have the time, energy or will to source logs in your neighbourhood.

Where to buy logs online

For convenience, many people decide to forego the personal approach and order their logs online.

If you type, ‘Where to buy logs’ into a search engine, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Garden centres and specialist firewood supplier will be competing for your attention offering tempting benefits such as next day delivery, free delivery, low moisture content and more.

There are several routes you can choose from when looking at where to buy logs online:

You could visit the website of your chosen local supplier and see if they have an online ordering option. You could visit the online store of your chosen garden centre or DIY store and order firewood from there. You could have a look at what’s available on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Gumtree and the like. Or you could even visit one of the big multi-national retailers like Amazon.

If you are ordering logs online, you should consider the following:

  • What are the product reviews like? Look for the percentage of one and two star ratings and read a few of the low reviews to pick up on any common issues. If there are lots of complaints about damp logs or fungus, for example, there may be an issue with how the logs are being stored. If there is a big mixture of reviews, consistency could be a problem.
  • How will your logs be packaged? You may find that they arrive wrapped in plastic which is not just bad for the planet, it will also lead to condensation and damp logs.
  • Value for money. Buying logs online can be significantly more expensive than picking them up locally.
  • Pictures can be misleading. While online retailers are naturally keen to display their logs in their best light, the actual product can vary wildly from what’s advertised.
  • Returning poor quality logs. Ordering online may be convenient but having to organise a return is definitely not. Some retailers may exclude logs from their returns policy while others might deny there is an issue with the product.

Buying logs from arborists

Arborists, like Kneebone Trees, are one of the best sources for your firewood, because we have both the raw materials and the knowhow to store them properly. We are often asked to remove the wood from the trees we fell or tidy. As long as the wood is healthy, we can chop and store logs for seasoning.

Since the logs are a by-product of our daily work, we can keep our prices lower than other firewood suppliers. We also know how to naturally season logs properly, so you won ‘t find any wet, mouldy logs.

Where to buy logs from Kneebone Trees

Drop us a message through our handy contact form and we will get back to you to arrange a convenient time for delivery. We deliver our logs in trailers so they won’t generate condensation during transit.

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