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In this guide, we look at the common tree diseases that impact landscapers in the UK and how these can be treated with professional help.
Despite a potential success rate of 90-95%, many newly planted trees in the UK fail to survive, often due to a lack of expert consultation. Planting trees at the right time of year is crucial, but when is tree planting season? Read on to find out.
How much time and effort would you save if your logs stayed in one place as you chopped them? People waste energy stooping and retrieving log pieces when chopping firewood. We explain, in simple steps, how to make a log splitting stand. It will make your life so much easier!
Are you planning on using logs for a woodworking project? Even when carefully stored, you will almost certainly find that your logs will split as they dry. This is due to the outside drying more quickly than the centre. Here are four methods on how to stop log slices splitting.
Pruning shrubs is often straightforward but there are important details you should be aware of before getting started.
Over the past four decades, conservation groups have planted more than 50 million trees across the UK. This is fantastic, but we all need to do more to help reduce humanity's harmful impact on the planet. But how does planting a tree help the environment? Read on to find out.

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