ARB Approval: Why Does It Matter

Why ARB Approval Matters for Kneebone Trees

To ensure your trees are properly maintained for their health and beauty, you need to take care when choosing the right tree services. Not all tree service providers are made equal, and at Kneebone Trees we take pride in delivering top-quality services to the region.

All of our services, from our tree surgery to stump removal, are ARB-approved making us a leading choice for tree maintenance. But what exactly does it mean to be ARB approved and why should this matter to you as a customer?

In this guide, we explain everything that goes into getting the ARB approval and how it reflects our commitment to quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and expert knowledge in everything we do.

What is ARB Approval?

The ARB (Arboricultural Association) is a professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards of tree care in the UK.

ARB approval is a rigorous certification process that ensures tree care companies adhere to strict industry standards and best practices in their services, to maintain a national order and ensure the lasting health of our wildlife. The

ARB approval accreditation is not easily earned, which is why it is reserved for a few tree care companies in the region.

In order to get ARB approval, companies need to be able to demonstrate their expertise in tree care and landscaping, as well as their ongoing compliance with safety regulations and dedication to continuous improvement of their work to ensure they provide the best services to their clients.

As an ARB-approved company, Kneebone Trees had to go through a strict assessment process and is committed to the ongoing improvement of our work.

How To Get ARB Approval?

To get the ARB approval, tree care companies need to go through a rigorous assessment process as well as continue to meet ongoing requirements.

The evaluation for ARB approval covers three crucial areas which need to be completed to the highest standards to succeed.

Detailed Assessment

For the assessment to get ARB approval, organisations are tested on multiple aspects of their services to ensure they meet the national standards and provide the best quality possible to clients.

The first element that is tested is health and saftey practices within the organisation and how these are upheld in all tree care services. For this assessment, the board will look into the team’s skills in both managing and preventing potential safety hazards during their work, while the operations are also evaluated to ensure they are safe.

During this assessment, it will be assessed whether the whole team has the correct safety gear; a clear understanding and obvious implementation of the proper procedures for dealing with emergencies; as well as whether they are demonstrating an overall conscientiousness towards safety.

The next element of the assessment covers thorough staff training and will determine whether the tree care company offers adequate training regarding the services, as well as safety procedures and customer care.

If the company is deemed to not provide appropriate training, they will not be ARB approved as lack of training could directly impact the quality of their service.

The third element under detailed assessment is customer service, where the quality of interaction between the company and their customers is assessed. This includes aspects like timeliness, efficiency, and friendliness in all services to ensure they meet the required standards.

An assessment of the environmental responsibility shown by the company is also part of the process and is evaluated throughout all other areas. Any efforts by the company to minimise environmental damage, use eco-friendly techniques and equipment as well as any other move towards sustainability is considered during the evaluation and will contribute to their ARB approval.

Site Inspections

Site inspections are conducted by independent auditors where the quality of work, as well as compliance with industry standards for safety and care, are assessed.

During this phase, the auditors will pay close attention to site operations, such as how the company handles their day-to-day tasks, as well as the methods and equipment used, their efficiency, and their care for the environment.

Following this initial site evaluation, the company’s adherence to the strict industry standards is assessed by looking at the operations on site and how the team handles tasks.

To pass this part of the process, it is vital that all services and maintenance tasks are conducted following the ARB guidelines and that no shortcuts or improper methods are used.

Continuous Improvement

ARB-approved companies are required to undergo regular reassessments to ensure that they maintain these high standards in their work and customer service, as well as being able to keep up with industry advancements.

The first part of this process is about maintaining consistency in quality and care.

For this, the company must be able to demonstrate that they can continue to deliver the same quality of service time after time so all clients get access to the national standards for excellent work

The second part of the process involves keeping up with industry advancements and how much the company is willing to improve for the benefit of its clients.

This means that the company needs to stay updated with the latest techniques, equipment, and best practices in the tree care industry so they can ensure to always be offering the best and most efficient service possible at any given time.

Why Does ARB Approval Matter?

As a customer, ARB approval can offer a lot of benefits when it comes to choosing tree care services. This is a way for you to determine the best companies to work with in order to get the highest standards of tree care, maintenance and service.

Being an ARB-approved company means we can ensure our customers experience several major benefits:

Quality Workmanship

The ARB approval is a mark of excellence in the tree care industry and signifies that the company has met stringent criteria in everything they do. This approval also shows that the company consistently delivers high-quality services to their clients, ensuring you are in the best hands for the job.

With our ARB approval, Kneebone Trees is committed to providing exceptional workmanship in all our services, from tree surgery to hedge trimming. Our team of highly skilled arborists relies on the latest techniques and equipment in everything we do to ensure the best results for your trees.

Safety First

Tree care can be dangerous work, and safety should always be a top priority which is what the ARB approval guarantees. ARB-approved companies must adhere to strict health and safety regulations to protect both their employees and customers and this is regularly assessed to ensure they can keep this certification.

At Kneebone Trees, we take safety seriously in everything we do. Our team is fully trained to handle hazardous situations and we follow industry best practices to minimise risks in all our services.

By choosing an ARB-approved company, you can have peace of mind knowing that your project will be conducted safely and efficiently.

Expert Knowledge

ARB approval requires companies to demonstrate their expertise in arboriculture, which means that all ARB-approved companies possess a deep understanding of tree biology, health, and maintenance.

Our team of certified arborists brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project, which is why we continue to be ARB-approved.

Whether you need tree surgery, stump removal, or hedge trimming, we have the expertise to provide the best care for your trees.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a core value at Kneebone Trees, and our ARB approval reflects our dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

We believe that clear communication, transparency, and a customer-centric approach are essential for building lasting relationships with our clients. This is why our team takes the time to understand your needs and provides tailored solutions to achieve your goals when offering services to you.

With our ARB approval, you can trust that we are committed to delivering the highest level of service for your complete satisfaction.

Environmental Responsibility

ARB-approved companies are required to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability through ongoing sustainable practices.

At Kneebone Trees, we recognise the importance of preserving the natural environment and promoting biodiversity which is why all our practices are designed to minimise environmental impact, to support the health of your trees and the surrounding ecosystem.

From responsible waste disposal to eco-friendly techniques, we strive to make a positive difference in everything we do in the region, while also offering the best standards of work for our clients.


At Kneebone Trees, we are passionate about providing top-quality tree care services that you can trust. Our ARB approval is a testament to our commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction.

This rigorous assessment process is a way for companies in the tree care industry to prove their commitment to customer care, safety standards and sustainability.

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