When is the best time to start cutting grass?

When is the best time start cutting grass (time of year)?

While there is no specific month by which you must have started mowing your grass, you will usually find that your grass is taller than you want it to be by mid-March. However, in mild years, you might find that your grass has begun to shoot up before the end of February.

Rather than tie yourself to a specific date or month, decide how tall you want your grass to be, and carry out your first mow when the blades are around a third taller than that ideal. Bear in mind that some grasses (e.g., fine fescues) grow slowly, while others (e.g., ryegrass) shoot up quickly.

If your lawn is in a sunny spot and doesn’t get much foot traffic, you can probably keep it at an inch or so in height. If you walk on the grass a lot, you might prefer two inches or more to protect the plants from damage.

If your lawn or field is shaded, you should consider allowing your grass to reach three inches in height to maximise the surface area for collecting light.

As you can see, the answer to ‘when is the best time to start cutting grass?’ depends upon several factors such as that season’s climate, the type of grass and your personal preference.

How frequently should grass be cut?

You will probably only need to cut your grass every other week during March, but once April arrives, a weekly mow is usually in order. You can reduce back to fortnightly mows in September, and you will only need to mow after November in especially mild seasons.

Regardless of the month, avoid mowing within two days of a frost (your grass will be brittle), and always make sure the grass is dry. Wet grass will clump and clog up your mower. This can lead to the blades damaging the grass and even becoming broken themselves. Wet and damaged grass can promote and spread diseases and also gives weeds a headstart.

When the ground is wet, you will also compact the soil as you mow. This deprives the grass plants of oxygen.

At the other extreme, if your lawn or field experiences drought conditions, it is a good idea to pause mowing for a week or two to allow the grass to recover.

A note on ‘No Mow May’

Over recent years, many people have advocated ‘No Mow May’ as a way to encourage wildlife, increasing our natural biodiversity. If you do decide to leave your grass to grow wild for a month, avoid cutting it back too drastically in June. Stick to removing a third of the height each time to avoid stressing the grass.

When is the best time to start cutting grass (time of day)?

We often read advice that says it is best to cut your grass early in the morning. However, that can be misleading because we all have a different idea of what ‘early’ means. Mowing too early in the morning is often not a good idea because of dew.

So when is the best time to start cutting grass?

By between eight and ten in the morning, dew will usually have evaporated. If you cut your grass then, it has the rest of the day to recover before the cooler, damper conditions return at dusk.

If you mow after ten, keep an eye on the weather conditions. At the height of the summer, mowing under the midday sun can expose sensitive plants to heat stress.

By between four and six in the evening, conditions will usually be kinder, although there will be less recovery time for your grasses.

Finally, avoid mowing your lawn after 6pm. This can leave the grass exposed to cool and damp weather, and fungi are often more active at this time of the day.

Are you just too busy to cut the grass?

Even if you enjoy cutting the grass, getting the best results is a combination of timing, frequency, tools and technique. Kneebone Trees can remove grass-cutting from your list of chores once and for all with our cost-effective maintenance service.

Whether your lawn, park or field needs a one-off chop or year-round attention, talk to the professionals at Kneebone for a free grass-cutting quote.

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