How much do tree services cost in the UK?

Defining tree services

Tree services is an umbrella term that can be used to cover several individual tree-related services ranging from felling and pruning to stump grinding and even tree planting.

Some people who ask the question, ‘How much do tree services cost?’ are referring specifically to tree surgery. Even this can vary a lot. Some simple attention to a small, easy to access to tree might cost £200 or less. On the other hand, carrying out a complex procedure to save a large tree, where access is difficult, might be charged at £2,500 or more.

When we start including services like extreme vegetation clearance and stump grinding under the tree services label, the range of prices is even wider. Grinding a small stump might leave you with change out of £100. Planting 1,000 trees as part of a forestry project, or clearing dense vegetation from an acre of land, might cost you £10,000 or more.

We’ve sourced some average prices from around the country to arrive at some very rough guideline costs for a variety of tree services.

We have used a broad definition of tree services, covering all the areas we categorise under our ‘tree services’ section (including tree planting, stump grinding and consultancy).

How much do tree services cost in the UK? Some guideline prices

  • Tree felling. From around £150 for a small tree to over £1,200 for a large tree.
  • Tree pruning. From around £100 to £500 depending on the size of the tree and ease of access.
  • Stump grinding. From £50 to over £1,000. While size is an important factor, access and the thoroughness of the work also has a bearing. For example, some companies will leave the roots in the ground while others will remove them completely.
  • Dangerous tree removal. From around £500 for a small and easy to access tree in a non-urgent location to £5,000 or more if the tree is large, hard to access or leaning over a house (this will need more sensitive measures and often additional equipment and resources).
  • Tree planting: From around £100 for a few trees in a home garden to £1,000 per acre for large scale forestry projects.
  • Arboricultural consultancy. From £200 for a basic tree survey to £5,000 or more for dispute resolution or a tree management plan.
  • Emergency callouts. From £500 to £5,000 plus depending on the action needed.

The wide range of these estimated costs reflects the unique nature of every job. The size of the tree (or area of the land), accessibility, complexity and demand for resources all have to be factored in before a realistic quote can be supplied.

Add to this the effect that the local economy has on the price of tree services, and you will appreciate why it is impossible to give a firm answer to the question, ‘How much do tree services cost?’

How much do tree services cost with Kneebone Trees?

The best way to get an accurate quotation for the tree services you need is to contact us to come out to your property or premises and assess the scope and scale of the work. As experienced arborists, we can quickly determine exactly what we need to carry out the work.

While we always keep our prices competitive, our priority is to carry out the work to a professional standard, working efficiently and safely and treating your home or business with the respect it deserves.

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