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Are you in charge of a large tree planting project or do you just want someone to plant a few trees, shrubs or bushes to attract wildlife to your garden?

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Kneebone Trees can meet any tree-planting project no matter what the size or scope.

Tree planting may seem a simple task but nothing could be further from the truth. Every piece of land is different with a specific type of soil and physical characteristics which affect the amount of light, wind and rain they receive.

Called these guys when we had a big problem with a large bough of an oak tree in our garden had broken and was dangerously hanging and leaning against another tree. They came out within a couple of hours and dealt with it straight away and at a reasonable cost. Can’t recommend them highly enough

Don Thomson, Halwell

The benefit of our tree planting services

The species of trees or hedges laid and their arrangement will also affect everything from the view and noise levels to health and safety.

Whether you are lining trees along a busy road, restoring an orchard or designing a garden, the friendly professionals at Kneebone Trees can help.

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Tree Planting advice based on the natural environment

Trusted advice and consultancy

Kneebone Trees provide much more than just the hard labour itself.

As experienced specialists in the field, we can offer customised advice about what species to plant and where to plant them in order to meet your goals whether that is to bring in birds, bees and butterflies, prevent flooding, capture carbon or provide an effective boundary or windbreak, for us this all part of what makes up effective tree planting services.

For the most advanced projects, we offer professional consultancy drawing on the extensive knowledge and experience of Chris Knapman, an arboricultural specialist.

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We will make a site visit and give you a price for the works and availability for when the work can be carried out.

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2. book a time

Get yourself in our diary for a time to suit you within a time of up to two weeks of the work being accepted

Clean and tidy
3. Done and dusted

We arrive on time and carry out the works removing all the green waste or leaving a pile of fresh woodchip to use within your garden beds and pathways. 

Related Tree Planting Services

Kneebone Trees are your local one-stop shop for anything related to tree surgery and arboriculture.

If needed, we can combine our tree planting services with ongoing maintenance, keeping on top of your trees, hedges and shrubs so that they always present a good impression of your home or business.

We also provide a comprehensive site and ground clearance service, enabling business and home owners to redesign their grounds or gardens to best suit their unique goals or style.

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