Stump Grinding

Do you have an unsightly or obstructive tree stump that has outstayed its welcome?

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Open up your outdoor opportunities

Tree stumps can limit the potential of your outdoor space, cause a tripping hazard and even introduce harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi into your garden.

Kneebone Trees have the equipment and skill to quickly and effortlessly remove any tree stump, whatever the size, from your grounds. We always remove stumps to at least six inches below the surface. We can then fill the remaining cavity with soil. It will be as if the stump never existed in the first place.

Thank you so much for the hard work that you all put into dealing with my huge pine trees.

They overwhelmed the house and garden and must have been a nightmare for you to access but you guys did it so professionally.

If you are thinking of having this type of work done don’t hesitate to call this company. I got a quote that they honoured and a job that was skilfully carried out.

The outcome is so much more light to the back of my property and a safe environment free from worry of the trees falling on the house.

As you can tell I am very pleased.

Colin Bone, Brixham

Safely operated, well maintained equipment

We operate a range of stump grinders to cope with stumps of different shapes and sizes. We may also need to use a chainsaw to reduce the height of the stump prior to grinding.

Our push along grinders look similar to lawn mowers with long handles and heavy duty wheels. We also operate large tracked grinders for bigger projects.

Grinders are fitted with sharp blades so our employees will take all necessary safety precautions to keep your family, pets, plants and possessions safe from damage.

1. Call or Email

We will make a site visit and give you a price for the works and availability for when the work can be carried out.

2. book a time

Get yourself in our diary for a time to suit you within a time of up to two weeks of the work being accepted

3. Done and dusted

We arrive on time and carry out the works removing all the green waste or leaving a pile of fresh woodchip to use within your garden beds and pathways. 

A professional, tidy finish

At Kneebone Trees, we are committed to leaving your grounds in a better condition than when we arrived. As well as efficiently removing your stumps, we will take the mulch generated away for legal disposal. Alternatively, you may want us to use the mulch on your land for its nutrient value.

Either way, you can rest assured we will leave the site neat and tidy; this is something we are renowned for as you will see if you read our testimonials.

projects undertaken  

Whether you have a single stump that needs removing or an entire site that you have to get cleared ready for a large scale project, Kneebone Trees have the reliable, qualified and fully insured workforce to take on the job.

Please contact us for more information on our services.

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