Dangerous Tree Removal

Are you concerned about the health of a diseased or storm-damaged tree? Do you need to take urgent action following a recent tree survey?

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Dangerous trees, left unattended can be a risk to property and life

If you own or are responsible for managing trees, you are liable for ensuring they are regularly inspected and maintained. Every day a dangerous tree is not removed it increases the risk to property and life. 

We regularly work on behalf of both local authorities and private land and homeowners to keep homes, businesses and people safe from harm while ensuring roads and footpaths are kept clear.

Trees can suffer from a range of threats including physical damage from extreme weather or vandalism to disease caused by fungi and other micro-organisms. Sometimes, the extent of the damage will mean the entire tree will need to be felled or severely reduced. 

In many cases, less drastic action is required. For example, a rotten limb may need removing to protect the tree while reducing the risk of the limb falling and causing damage or injury. Removing deadwood can also improve the appearance of a tree while pruning and reshaping may be all that is needed to protect road users from low hanging branches.

I was really pleased with the work that the Kneebone brothers did at my house - Good value, tidy, polite and skilled! Thank you.

Richard Sandford, Totnes

Specialist machinery and techniques for dangerous tree removal

Only trained professionals should ever remove a large tree and even smaller trees can be dangerous if allowed to fall in the wrong direction. If in any doubt, please don’t take the risk and contact Kneebone Trees.

We have access to specialist equipment such as cranes and rigging to access even the hardest to reach trees. We are also trained and experienced in the techniques needed to manage a safe felling or pruning.  Depending on the specific situation, we may use zip lines or ropes to control the descent of potentially lethal branches.

Dangerous Tree being removed  by tree climber
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2. book a time

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3. Done and dusted

We arrive on time and carry out the works removing all the green waste or leaving a pile of fresh woodchip to use within your garden beds and pathways. 

Dangerous Tree Removal

Tree safety and TPOs

As trusted local arboricultural professionals, Kneebone Trees can act as agents and liaise with the council where trees are subject to Tree Protection Orders. 

For sensitive and complex tree safety issues we can act as consultants, drawing on the knowledge and experience of Chris Knapman, a tree conservation specialist.

For emergency situations (e.g. severe storm damage), we operate a 24/7 call-out service.

Don’t leave dangerous trees to chance, be sure to consult a professional dangerous tree removal company. Call Kneebone Trees on 01803 50048007539191196 or 07772910582 any time of the day or night.

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