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Is the state of your hedges making a poor impression on visitors?

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It doesn’t take long for a hedge to grow out of control, restricting access and blocking sunlight or your treasured sea view.

Our team of qualified arboriculturists are on hand to tend to your unruly hedges, whether that means trimming, shaping or completely removing them. 

We prioritise safety and will ensure all works and equipment are carried out without endangering people or pets. We have high standards of customer service so will also arrive promptly, work thoroughly and completely clean and tidy the site prior to leaving.

They arrived when they said and did the job for the quoted price.
All 6 operators were friendly and polite even though it was the hottest two days of the year and they were clearly finding it hot!
They were very careful around the fencing and flowers even leaving ten David Austin roses completely unscathed within two metres of a giant fir being taken down.
They cleared up to an extremely high standard on leaving and worked in a safe & tidy manner throughout the three days.
Would 100% recommend KneeBone Tree Care and have already requested a quote for further work.

Jane Harling, Buckland-in-the-Moor

Professional hedge
planting services

Our team of professionals are also trained in the selection and planting of hedges. Whether you are looking to create a secure barrier to keep intruders out (or pets in!) or an aesthetically pleasing hedge to impress customers or visitors, we can advise you on the best way forward. We can then carry out all necessary manual work to the highest standard.

We have the skills and resources to take on projects of any scope and size so please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your hedge-related needs.

1. Call or Email

We will make a site visit and give you a price for the works and availability for when the work can be carried out.

2. book a time

Get yourself in our diary for a time to suit you within a time of up to two weeks of the work being accepted

3. Done and dusted

We arrive on time and carry out the works removing all the green waste or leaving a pile of fresh woodchip to use within your garden beds and pathways. 

Hand over your hedge maintenance

Hedge maintenance is rarely the highest priority for busy site or homeowners but if you miss the recommended minimum of twice yearly trimming, you will soon be lumbered with an unsightly and overgrown mess. 

Rather than paying a relatively high price to sort out a big clearance job, you can put hedge maintenance completely out of your mind by opting for a contracted service from Kneebone Trees. You can then focus solely on running your business or home with one less thing to worry about. This is also the most cost-effective option.

Contact Kneebone Trees today to talk about how we can make your life easier.

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