How much to remove a tree stump?

How much to remove a tree stump? A ballpark answer

We can’t give a precise answer to the question, ‘How much to remove a tree stump?’ because every stump and plot of land is different.

However, we can provide a very broad range against which you can compare any quotes you may receive.

Tree stump removal prices could be anything from £40 for grinding a small, accessible softwood stump, up to £500 for removing a large, difficult to reach stump with an extensive, complex root system. Be wary of quotes outside of this range.

How companies charge for tree stump removal

Companies will usually either charge per job, or per hour, based on the time they estimate it will take them to complete the work.

Be skeptical of very low costs, especially if the contractor hasn’t seen the stump in question. They may be deliberately under-quoting to secure the work, only to ramp up the costs for various reasons once work has started.

The size of the tree stump to be removed is going to be one of the main factors in determining cost. A small, uncomplicated tree stump should take no more than a couple of hours to remove, while a large, awkward stump could take four hours or more.

Another major factor is the method of removal you need.

Stump removal or stump grinding?

How much to remove a tree stump also depends upon whether you want the whole stump removed, or whether grinding the visible part of the stump is enough.

In most cases, stump grinding is all you’ll require, so make sure you specify this when getting a quotation. Tree stumps are connected to underground root systems, and some of these can be extensive and tangled. The extra manual labour needed to remove the whole structure will add to the costs.

One reason you might want to remove a stump completely is if the stump is carrying diseases that are harmful to other plants. If you are worried that diseased roots will spread fungi or bacteria to healthy plants nearby, stump removal may give you peace of mind.

You might also want to remove a stump if the roots are interfering with underground structures such as pipework or building foundations. However, these roots will not grow any longer, and will break down over time. So, in most cases, grinding is the most cost-effective solution to unwanted stumps.

Other factors affecting the cost of stump removal

How much to remove a tree stump might also depend on accessibility, the type of wood and how deep below the surface you want the stump ground down to.

Most companies will use motorised stump grinders to efficiently grind down a stump. If they can’t reach your stump, they may need to complete the work with chainsaws or other manual methods, increasing the time and labour costs.

Some companies may charge you more to grind a hardwood stump (e.g., beech or ash) than a softwood stump (e.g., pine or spruce), because these woods take longer to grind down and will cause more wear and tear on the stump grinder.

If you intend to plant where the previous stump was, some companies may charge you extra to grind down to the necessary depth. We always grind down to at least six inches and replace the soil afterwards. It will be as if you never had a tree stump there in the first place.

It goes without saying that you will pay more for removing multiple tree stumps, although you may get a bulk discount.

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