How Much Should Hedge Trimming Cost?

Since there is no such thing as an average hedge, we are not going to post any prices here. However, we will explain how professionals (and amateurs) charge for hedge trimming and what questions you need to ask when comparing quotes.

Kneebone Trees will always carry out a site survey before giving you a quote. That way, you can trust that we will honour the price given (read our testimonials for proof of this).

The first thing that will affect the price of your hedge trimming job is the nature of the work involved. This can vary a lot between customers.

Hedge trimming means different things to different customers

Hedge maintenance can usually be broken down into one of three types of job:

  • Hedge Trimming. This is where a hedge is tidied up and kept within your chosen dimensions.
  • Hedge Pruning. More time intensive than trimming, this is where the hedge is carefully cut in places to shape it in a specific way. Topiary is where very specific shapes are created through skilful pruning.
  • Hedge Removal. This is where the entire hedge, including its roots, is removed.

When collecting quotes for your hedge maintenance work, make sure the company you call realises which of the above you want. It will take a lot longer to lovingly shape your privet bush or to uproot a long-established hedge than to carry out a general twice-yearly trim.

How hedge trimming companies charge for their work

It is standard for companies that offer hedge trimming to quote by the hour but that is not always the case. Some will use a private hourly rate but charge the customer a project fee. Others might charge by the metre.

It may be tempting to go for the cheapest quote, especially if you know you are only after a quick hedge trim but be aware that this can be a false economy. You might find someone offering rates of £20 per hour in the local newspaper but they may be an amateur who is poorly equipped for the job. If it takes this person four hours to trim your hedge, it could end up costing you more than if you had paid a well-equipped professional £70 for an hour’s work.

Hedge cutting cost factors

The time it takes to trim a hedge depends on many factors.

The size (length, width and height) of your hedge is clearly one of the main ones. There is a big difference between trimming a short length of three foot tall laurel hedge and trimming an eight foot tall Leylandii hedge that surrounds an acre plot.

Accessibility is also a key factor because tall and hard to reach hedges may need additional equipment. Then there is the issue of dead wood removal. Some companies will save themselves time by leaving all the clearing up to you (not Kneebone Trees, by the way).

Because of all the uncertainty involved, you will rarely find reputable contractors posting prices online. Even hourly rates can be less than helpful since a customer is unlikely to know how long a professional hedge trim should take.

Kneebone Trees will always carry out a site survey so that we can gather all the information we need for an accurate quote.

We hope that has helped answer “How Much Should Hedge Trimming Cost?”, for a competitive quote for your one-time or ongoing hedge maintenance needs, please contact Kneebone Trees by phone or email. We will arrange a convenient time to carry out a site survey and give you an accurate quotation.

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