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Get your stocks replenished with quality, seasoned logs

There’s nothing like a roaring fire, especially in the cold autumn and winter months. Due to the nature of our work, Kneebone Trees can provide you with high quality, locally sourced wood at any time of the year.

They arrived when they said and did the job for the quoted price.
All 6 operators were friendly and polite even though it was the hottest two days of the year and they were clearly finding it hot!
They were very careful around the fencing and flowers even leaving ten David Austin roses completely unscathed within two metres of a giant fir being taken down.
They cleared up to an extremely high standard on leaving and worked in a safe & tidy manner throughout the three days.
Would 100% recommend KneeBone Tree Care and have already requested a quote for further work.

Jane Harling, Buckland-in-the-Moor

Premium quality fuel for your fire or wood burner

Whether you have an open fire or a wood burner, our quality seasoned firewood is ideal to keep the flame burning through those cold nights.

For simplicity, we offer two options:

  • Small trailer (£80). This contains enough wood to fill one builders (dumpy) bag 
  • Large trailer (£180). This contains enough wood to fill 2.4 dumpy bags.

What is seasoned firewood?

When trees have been felled, the wood still contains a large amount of water through the sap that circulates through a living tree. This wood is described as ‘fresh felled’ or ‘green.’

Seasoning wood means using a natural drying process to reduce that water content from around 50% to between 20 to 30%. The exact process and duration needed to season wood depends on different factors including the type of wood.

You will know when you are burning seasoned wood as it will be easier to light, cleaner burning and will produce more heat. Seasoned wood is also more economical to buy as you are not paying for water.

1. Call or Email

We will make a site visit and give you a price for the works and availability for when the work can be carried out.

2. book a time

Get yourself in our diary for a time to suit you within a time of up to two weeks of the work being accepted

3. Done and dusted

We arrive on time and carry out the works removing all the green waste or leaving a pile of fresh woodchip to use within your garden beds and pathways. 

Storing your
firewood at home

To ensure your seasoned wood retains its properties and doesn’t rot, it needs to be kept in suitable conditions. This means it should be stored off the ground (e.g. on palettes) and left open to the air. At the same time, it should be covered to protect it from the rain. An open-sided lean-to or a specialised wood or log store is ideal.

To order your premium quality firewood, please give us a call.

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